This is a continuation post of my ICAST 2008 “I want that” list


6) Lucky Craft: Big Bait Special Bulldog Wake Bait
Sure Lucky Craft was proudly displaying their new Kelly Jordon Signature Prop bait and Sammy 105, but this new addition (though I’m not entirely convinced this is new for 2009) seemed much more interesting. This floating monstrosity comes in at 4” in length, weighs 2 oz , has an interchangeable tail (prop or blade), and comes in 13 different colors. This big bait is obviously targeted at catching some big fish and looks like it would be a heck of a lot of fun to toss around. (Retail approximately $24.99)

Lucky Craft Big Bait Special
Walleye Colored Lucky Craft Big Bait Special Bulldog in

Lucky Craft Big Bait Special
Back of Box (notice the expression of the bass in the first graphic)

Lucky Craft Bullfish 270
Lucky Craft Bulldog in Popular 270 MS American Shad

Lukcy Craft Bullfish 280
Lucky Craft Bulldog in color 280 Aurora Green Perch

5) American Rodsmiths: H3 Titanium Ultra Max Adjustable Fishing Rods
I have honestly never paid too much attention to American Rodsmiths rods. They aren’t too common in my neck of the woods, and media publicity for them seems nonexistant.  However, after seeing these on display at ICAST 2008 I’ll definitely be talking about them to other anglers.  The main selling point behind the H3 Titanium Ultra Max is its adjustable length. I’m not talking about an adjustable butt section like a few other bass rods on the market (including American Rodsmiths Predator Series).  These rods have a locking fore grip that allows the rod to change in length from 6’6″ to 7′ or to 7’2″ depending on the model.

There are five models in total that are slated to come out for 2009.  One is an adjustable freshwater casting model, three are adjustable inshore saltwater casting models and one is an adjustable inshore saltwater spinning model. The bass fishing models spcifically is touted as being a 6’6″ worm rod, a 6’8″ spinnerbait rod, a 6’9″ soft plastics rod, a 7’0″ Carolina rig rod, or a 7’2″ pitching rod. See specs below

Model: H3TUA-MBR
Description: Adjustable Mag Bass Rod
Length: 6’6″ to 7’2″
Line Weight (lbs): 10-20
Lure Weight (oz): 1/4-1/2
Action: medium/fast
Handle: 9 1/2″
Retail: $399.99

These rods will be American Rodsmiths top of the line rods as they borrow many of the design features from their H3 Titanium and H3 Titanium Ultra lines. The design features on the Ultra Max rods include, 92 million modulus / hybrid titanium blank, Rec Recoil guides, split grip handle, new Precision Touch Reel Seats, and new Pro Set Locking Fore grips.  With all of these features in one rod this stick looks to have the performance and the adaptability that many anglers crave. I know that many shore, kayak fisherman, and co anglers would appreciate this stick’s adaptability. The $399 price tag seems rather reasonable as this is the only 92 million modulus stick on the market and since its adjustable it could actually take the place of multiple rods in your arsenal.

American Rodsmiths H3 Titanium Ultra Max
An H3 Titanium Ultra Max Rods (left) and Predator Series Rod (right) on display at the New Product Showcase at ICAST 2008.

4) New Quantum PT Reels:
Anyone who has read any of my previous posts regarding Quantum product should, by now, have an inclination that I am a fan of their product.  My one qualm over the years of course was their steady delivery of 9.0oz class PT baitcasting reels.  However, this year Quantum is finally stepping up and answering my and I’m sure many other Quantum fan’s wishes.  The newly revamped Quantum PT baitcasters and spinning Reels are promoted as being “Performance Tuned” and “Toned.”

The baitcast reels feature a total redesign in body style from the previous generation. Weight on these reels has come down by more than 2oz as all of the new PT baitcast reels are now sitting in the mid 7oz range. The new Quantum Tour Edition (11 Bearing System), Energy (9 Bearing System),  and new Catalyst (7 Bearing system) represent the freshwater baitcaster category.  Whereas, the similar body style Energy PTs( 9 BB)  and new Catalyst PTs (7BB) take over for saltwater inshore duty.

With standard features like a CNC aluminum Frames, micro ACS cast control, Polymer stainless PT Hybrid bearings, super free spool support and an easy access lube port, these reels are sure to emulate the souped up performance and “tank like” durability of the previous generation.  Notable inclusions are the new Carbon fiber Handle and aluminum drive gear on the Tour Edition as well as ultralight Skeletal “V” spools on burner models instead of the typical U shaped model. Also of note is the hefty new price tag of the Tour Edition PT at $279.95 about $40 above the old TE1160 and TE1170PT reels. Fortunately the new Energy PT stays at the sub $200 price range coming in at $189.95

Image from Quantum 2009 Product Catalog
New Quantum PT Freshwater Baitcaster Line Up

The new PT Spinning Reels include a revamped Tour Edition PT, Energy PT, Catalyst PT, and Kinetic PT as well as a new Energy PTs and Catalyst PTs in their saltwater lineup.  Standard features include an improved Thinline body and side cover, improved Ti Mag titanium bail with magnetic trip (no more Energy PTiA “line catcher”), stacked ceramic front-adjustable drag system, Polymer Stainless PT Hybrid Bearings, improved LMS system, extra hard PT gears, and of course Quantum Hot Sauce.  There is a titanium deposition finish on the Tour and Energy PT, multi-coated finish on Catalyst and Kinetic, and 6 layer salt guard finish on the PTs models. Pricing for these reels increases compared to the old models (Tour: 239.95-249.95, Energy: 169.95-179.95, Catalyst: 139.95-149.95, Kinetic: $99.95-$109.95)

Image from Quantum 2009 Product Catalog
New Quantum PT Freshwater Spinning Reel Line Up

With all of these new design improvements Its going to be interesting to see how these new Quantums stack up against the competition over the next few years.  You can count me in as a test subject.
Items 3 -1 of my ICAST2008 “I want that” list to be posted later.


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