ICAST 2010: New Product Showcase Preview

ICAST 2010 started off last night with what has come to be my favorite part of attending the event, The New Product Showcase Preview. This has become a media and buyers only event. One that for any avid angler is analogous to waking up as a child on Christmas morning to a plethora of presents and opening them to see whats inside. It is always fun to discover what’s new and interesting and contemplate how that new rod, reel, lure or accessory will compliment the aresenal of gear you have sitting back at home. Despite my enthusiasm to attend such an event, oftentimes, I still find it hard to describe why I continually enjoy fishing with ever growing amounts of the latest and greatest tackle. Perhaps it’s the search for the next “best” thing, the innate enjoyment of combining man, machine, and nature in new and interesting ways…or maybe its just the fact that like that little kid on Christmas I never want to stop playing with new toys.

…as usual less than ideal lighting conditions and an overwhelming amount of new and interesting product.

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