Florida is known for a number of famous freshwater fisheries. Some more well known than others. Lake Okeechobee, Kissimmee Chain or Lakes, Harris Chain, St Johns, Istokpoga, etc. With a long growing season and abundant forage the Florida strain largemouth is known to grown big and strong in these fisheries.

That being said there is a a new king of Florida bass fishing that has been in the works for the past decade and it is FINALLY open to public boaters. Headwaters Lake a.k.a. Fellsmere reservoir is the newest trophy class public fishery and is part of the St Johns watershed. Located just east of the famed Stickmarsh Farm 13 this new lake was engineered from the ground up with improved habitat and stocked with over a million bass.

Previously open to only Kayak anglers this trophy bass producing body of water has been the talk of many discussion boards and online groups patiently awaiting the construction and opening of a public boat ramp located on its north eastern shore.

Alas this past week that ramp finally opened and mayhem quickly ensued. Long story short, the days were hot, but the fishing was even hotter. I wish I had taken the entire week off to fish this place.

No doubt many personal bests will be broken here and records set. The vegetation layout and abundance of hydrilla is a model for prime water cleaning habitat for bass and other predominant forage species.

One thing is certain. This lake doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quantity and quality. If it can sustain the forthcoming influx of pressure, and be managed properly. Headwaters Lake will remain on many die hard bass anglers radars for years to come.

(Headwaters Lake is located at 6955 Fellsmere Grade Rd, Fellsmere, FL 32948 and is open to the public. A Florida freshwater fishing license is required and state rules apply. For current data and regulatory information please visit Fellsmere | FWC (myfwc.com))


An abundance of various types of vegetation covers purposefully dug structure beneath
Ramp is open 1 hour before sunrise and a 25 mph speed limit covers the whole area
A 7lb+ that ate a Spro Popping frog with reckless abandon
One of many “punching” fish dug up in the rain
Located just east of the Famous Stick Marsh. Headwaters Lake is the newest Bass Fishing Destination in Indian River County Florida
Welcome Signage at the Ramp
After driving over the Fellsmere Grade a proper post fishing day washdown is mandatory

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