ICAST 2022 has come to a close.

It was interesting to see how much momentum has taken place since last year in this post Covid era.

Here are a some of this year’s items worthy of note.

ICAST 2022 Daiwa Tatula SV TW 70
The form factor of the Daiwa Tatula SV TW 70 engenders feelings of fishing with the legendary pixy.
(Is it just me or are there too many Tatulas? Ever since this line of reel and rods made its debut in 2013 it seems as if Daiwa has beat this name to death with various models and variants over the years. I can’t help but feel that the individual product identity on some of these models seems to get lost in the mix.)
ICAST 2022 Daiwa Exist Spinning Reel
The magnesium Monocoque body isn’t a surprise, but the new Zaion Air Drive rotor is certainly a departure from the long-heralded Air rotor you’ve seen on so many Daiwa spinning reels over the past 2 decades. Words alone cannot describe how amazing this work of art feels in hand
ICAST 2022 Daiwa Procyon Spinning Reel
Daiwa’s popular Procyon platform gets the monocoque treatment and a cosmetic refresh in the new Procyon MQ LT Spinning Reel
Daiwa Coastal 80 Reel
Daiwa’s popular inshore platform gets the new Coastal 80 casting reel with compact form factor
ICAST 2022 Daiwa Tatula XT Casting Rod
A nonchalant way to kick ass into the $100 price point. The market has been saturated by a number of offerings over the years. The newly refreshed Tatula XTs are cosmetically on point and feel great in hand
ICAST 2022 Daiwa Tatula XT Rods
At $99 these rods are sure to be a hit with many budget conscious anglers.
ICAST 2022 St. Croix Legend Tournament
The popular St. Croix Legend Tournament Series gets revamped with SCIV+ blanks and a number of other feature sets. The larger swimbait rods feature new GRASP grip technology to help with ergonomics when casting and retrieving large lures.
ICAST 2022 St. Croix Grasp
The St Croix GRASP handle is their in house tooled take on the PAC Bay revolution reel seat that was featured on a number of third-party rod companies at ICAST 2019
ICAST 2022 St. Croix Avid
The Avid Panfish gets a refresh with 9 differnt models
ICAST 2022 St. Croix Avid Panfish
Avid Panfish 7ft L action rod felt great in hand
ICAST 2022 Edge Epitome Rod Series
Is this the last of the epic rods from Gary himself? This rod was insanely light. I have not felt this impressed by the power to weight ratio in a COTs build since handling the Kistler Zbone series with Next HM blanks at ICAST 2012

ICAST 2022 Jackall TN80 Lipless Crankbait
The new 1oz Jackall TN80 lipless crankbait is an upscale of the popular TN70 MSRP $15.99
ICAST 2022 Jackall Derabuzz
The compact Jackall Derabuzz is a 1/4 oz buzz bait with a unique prop shape
ICAST 2022 Shimano Tranx Reel
The popular Tranx Line gets ported down into a new 150 size
ICAST 2022 Shimano Curado DC 200
IF you are tired of spooling your Curado 150 DC like I am, then the new 200 DC size might just be the ticket
ICAST 2022 Shimano Miravel Spinning Reel
The new Shimano Miravel Spinning Reel features a number of Shimano’s Core technologies including CI4+ Frame, Magnum lite Rotor, HAGANE Gear technology and X-ship MSRP $129.99 – $139.99
ICAST 2022 Shimano SLX A Rod Series
The popular SLX rod range gets revamped with the new SLX A lineup featuring X wrapped carbon tape tech dubbed DIAFLASH technology

ICAST 2022 Shimano Expride B
The new Shimano Expride B series feature a carbon monocoque handle, CI4+ reel seat, Hi-Power X blanks and Fuji SIC guides. MSRP $299
ICAST 2022 Abu Garcia Zenon MG-LTX Baitcast Reel
The new Flagship ultralight 4.5 oz Abu Garcia Zenon MG-LTX ($549.99) atop matching Zenon Casting rod
ICAST 2022 Abu Garcia Zenon MG-X
The new 5.1 oz Abu Garcia Zenon MG-X sits a step down from the flagship at $449.95
Abu Garcia Zenon X Reel
The New 5.5 oz Zenon X rounds out the lineup coming in at $349.95
Abu Garcia Revo Rocket Spinning Reel
The 7.6:1 Revo RKT SP spinning reel designed for use in rod tip prevalent techniques where rod movement dictates lure action and the reel is primarily used for quick take up
Abu Garcia Revo Winch Spinning Reel
The 4.8:1 Reveo Winch Spinning Reel designed for techniques where the bait action is primarily reel driven, i.e. crankbaits, small swimbaits, spybaits

The new larger Revo hybrid AMG spinning reel gearset vs the previous generations

The Revo Series debuted its revamped 5th generation of baitcast reels. The biggest change was the shift to an asymmetrical form factor for the frame
ICAST 2022 Abu Garcia Revo X
New 5th Generation Abu Garcia Revo X
ICAST 2022 Abu Garcia Revo SX
New 5th Generation Abu Garcia Revo SX
ICAST 2022 Abu Garcia Revo STX
New 5th Generation Abu Garcia Revo STX
ICAST 2022 Abu Garcia Revo Winch
New 5th Generation Abu Garcia Revo Winch
ICAST 2022 Abu Garcia Revo Rocket
New Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

ICAST 2022 Kistler Chromium Scope
The New Kistler 5.8 oz Chromium Bait cast reel and 3 oz Chromium rod series pairs together to create a crazy light premium combo
ICAST 2022 Kistler Chromium Baitcast Reel
The new Kistler Chromium Baitcast Reel joins their Series 1 and Series 2 lineups as a more premium offering
ICAST 2022 Kistler Grasshopper Rod
The new 4’6″ Kistler Grasshopper rod was designed for kids, but man this thing feels fun as hell to fish with
Jenko Wake n' bait
The Jenko Wake n’ Bait Wakebait is constructed of Hemp Plastic

Davinchi Cobra
Chi Huynh shows off the hidden knife in his functional work of Art Cobra DavinChi Rod.
The unconventional handle design, in conjunction with cobra foregrip, and arm support removes stress off the angler’s wrist and facilitates fighting a fish in a more ergonomic position

Yamamoto Slinko
New Yamamoto Slinko. I have to say it was a bit strange seeing a floating ribbed Yamamoto bait in clamshell packaging.
The legendary brand recently acquired by GSM isn’t afraid to take chances and bring new innovative ideas to the table.
Looking forward to seeing what’s next from this crew.
ICAST 2022 Bill Lewis ATV Squarebill
Bill Lewis ATV Square bill Prototypes look sweet
ICAST 2022 Bill Lewis Scope Stik 120
Do-it Hybrid Grass Jig Mold
Do It had a new bad ass Hybrid Grass Lead Jig Mold on Display
Do-it Hybrid Grass Jig Mold
Check out the serious bait keeper on that thing. Awesome!
ICAST 2022 Evergreen XV-5
The Evergreen XV-5 Shad Crankbait designed by Morizo Shimizu is a hybrid crank that can hunt like a square bill and be twitched like a jerk bait
ICAST 2022 Humminbird MEGA Live Targetlock Ultrex MEGA 360
This is starting to look ridiculous. But man I want one.
Hummingbird MEGA Live Targetlock module mounted with MEGA 360 on a Minn Kota Ultrex
Skinny Water Marine Lithium Battery Company
Skinny Water Marine Lithium Battery Company 36Volt 100AH Battery
Bass Mafia Terminal Coffin
Bass Mafia Clear Lid Terminal Coffin with new latch mechanism
Bass Mafia Dangerous Swimbait
Bass Mafia Dangerous Swimbait

More to come…


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