Almost any South Florida bass angler can tell you that summer time marks long days of sweltering heat and torrential afternoon thunderstorms. Whilst waiting out the rain I always find it relaxing to pop in a good fishing DVD to kill the time. One such show that I’ve come to enjoy over the past three years is “The Bass Pros “which airs on The Versus Network. This show which features Bass Pro Shops sponsored anglers Kevin VanDam, Rick Clunn, Edwin Evers, Tim Horton, Woo Daves, and Stacey King is what I consider the “Modern” bass anglers show.

The show which is currently in its third season features three predominant sections per episode entitled, “Fishin in 4”, “In-depth”, and “Art of Angling”. “Fishin’ in 4” is basically 4 minutes of footage of a pro executing a specific technique and how they use it out on the water. “In-depth” is a major episode segment where the focus is expanding and thoroughly learning about a technique. The last segment of each episode, “Art of Angling”, is a Rick Clunn specific showcase. I particularly like his segment because he not only focuses on fishing technique, but also on the mental aspects of fishing. I find that we often get so hung up on the gear we use and the mechanics of fishing that we forget the importance of having a strong mental and intuitive focus so predominant in other sports.

The first two seasons have been out on DVD for a while and a definitely worth purchasing. Content, graphics, and overall presentation is excellent and fun to watch.  The third season currently being aired on Versus is just as good as the first two and I cant wait untill its available on DVD to add to my personal collection.  I truly believe that the “new” and tried and true information  can definitely help novice angler’s step up their game and even aid seasoned anglers in adding a new technique to their repertoire.

For your information below is a breakdown of the First and Second seasons on an episode by episode basis.

The Bass Pros Season 1

1. Brushpiles (Edwin Evers), Shaky Heads (KVD), Blade Design
2. Spinnerbaits (KVD), Jigs (Stacey King), Fishing Pressure
3. Football Jigs (Stacey King), Cold Front (KVD), Negative Thoughts
4. Lipless Crankbaits (KVD), Tidal Rivers (Woo Daves), Blind Spots
5. Drop Shot (KVD), Spring Bite (Rick Clunn), Fishing Patterns
6. Spoons (Jason Quinn), Lilly pads (KVD), Boat Control
7. Jerk baits (KVD), Thick Cover (Edwin Evers), Understand the Bait
8. Swimbaits (KVD), Texas Rig (Stacey King) , Fringe of GPS
9. Weather (KVD), Shallow Cover (Tim Horton), Depth Finders
10. Tubes and Jigs (KVD), Carolina Rig (Edwin Evers), Strike Zones
11. Stick Baits (Tim Horton), Deep Water (Stacey King), Offensive vs. Defensive strikes

The Bass Pros Season 2

1. Swimbaits (KVD), Offshore Structure (Stacey King), New/Super Lakes
2. Technology (Tim Horton), Deep Spoon (Jason Quinn), Rod for all Techniques
3. Drop Shot Rig (KVD), Jerkbaits (Tim Horton), Fishing Patterns
4. Flippin’ Flooded Grass (Stacey King), Top water (Rick Clunn), Crankbaits
5. Red Eye Crankbaits (KVD), Vegetation (Tim Horton), Make Bad Days Good
6. Fall rivers (Edwin Evers), New Lakes (KVD), Gimmicks vs. Tricks That Work
7. Jig ‘n’ Pig (KVD), Zara Spook (Edwin Evers), Single vs. Grouped Fish
8. Deep Crank (Jason Quinn), Flippin’ Brush (KVD) , Good vs. Bad Info
9. Stick-O Finesse techniques (KVD), Swimbaits (Jason Quinn), Tunnel Vision
10. Follow the Bait (Tim Horton), Crankbait Techniques (KVD), Record Keeping
11. Straight Tail Worm(KVD), Vegetation( Edwin Evers), Aerial Observation


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