This past weekend my girlfriend and I went over to our local Bass Pro Shops to pick up a Father’s Day gift for my dad. While there I accomplished the usual restocking of tackle as well as picking up a cool gift for my father. As we were heading to check out my girlfriend noticed some catchy new fishing t-shirts. These shirts weren’t the usual Guy Harvey graphic tees or the typical short sleeve Bahamian style button ups. These attractive tees were reminiscent of the new school “vintage” shirts with random outspoken phrases and quotes like “textually active”, “your mom goes to college”, and “more cowbell!” from sites like and Normally I’m not one to care about what I wear out on the water but when your girlfriend offers to buy you some new fishing threads who am I to argue? These shirts included the phrases “This is how I roll”, “Keepin’ it Reel” and my favorite “Chicks dig my bass”. I personally like them as they are comfortable, classic in design, manage to make a statement about my love of bass fishing, and even serve as a conversation starter in meeting a fellow fishing fanatic.
Thanks for the tees babe!

This Is How I Roll Keepin' It Reel
Chicks Dig My Bass

These shirts were available at my local Bass Pro Shops but should be available at soon.

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