With the recent price restructuring of Abu Garcias second generation Revo line up it was only a matter of time before leaks of the newest gear would hit the web.  This past weekend the guys at thehookuptackle.com let the cat out of the bag taking preorders for the Gen 3 Revos.  Looks like a new Premier, STX, SX, and Winch will make their debut this summer.  This generation will follow on the heels of last season’s MGX with lower overall weights thanks to utilization of Abu Garcia’s C6 carbon sideplates (and carbon fiber handle on the Premier).  The STX now appears to have a composite frame instead of X-craftic alloy and even an 8:1 gear ratio model? The SX and Winch look to be losing some weight as well with all reels being listed as sub 7oz!  Marketing hype aside, it’s nice to see weight reduction and performance features from high end product being trickled down to the masses.  The Revo line up of baitcasting reels has been a success for Abu Garcia since they first hit the market half a decade ago. Progressive designs, mass market high end feature implementation and fair domestic pricing structure of this new generation of Revos looks to keep it that way.



images from thehookuptackle.com (obviously)


Revo Premier 5.85oz $279.99



Revo STX 6.35oz $199.99


Revo SX 6.65 oz $169.99



Revo Winch 6.91 oz $199.99

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