Quantum Tour Custom Shop RodsRiding on the heels of their already popular Tour KVD crank bait rods Quantum is releasing a new line of bass fishing rods from their recently debuted “Quantum PT Custom Shop”.  These professional angler designed rods go beyond their older technique specific Quantum Tour Edition PT Signature line up and are optimized by each pro in conjunction with Quantum engineers.  Ideally these rods are meant to be the best available tool(s) for  that pro angler’s particular bread and butter fishing technique(s). Noticeable features include Fuji ACS reel seats, split foam grip styling, and customized action individually colored technique specific blanks.

Here is the basic model/technique Breakdown:

TKVDC66106F and TKVDC726XF:  Two spinnerbait specific baitcasting rods, one for close range, the other for open water long range casting.
TKVDS744F:  A spinning rod built for finesse fishing in clear water.

Shaw Grigsby
TSGC726F:  An all around soft plastics baitcasting rod.
TSGS6105F:  A soft plastics, parabolic bend, spinning rod designed  for skipping.

Gerald Swindle
TGSC664FF and TGS704F:  Two baistcasting rods, one a short handled, limber tipped, top water rod and the other a finesse flipping stick built for accuracy.

Gary Klein:
TGKC808F: Klein draws on 35 years of flipping experience and helped design this 8 ft long parabolic bend flipping stick with revolving guides.

Dean Rojas:
TDRC705F and TDRC706F:  A medium action cranking stick for shallow to mid depth cranks and his famous med heavy Kermit chucking stick complete his custom line up.

Tommy Biffle:
TTBSC6107F and TTBC67F:  Two casting rods, one is a 6’10” Texas rig rod and the other a 7’6″ stout flipping rod for fishing thick cover.

Greg Hackney
TGHC726F and TGHC7117F:  Two casting rods, one is a 7’2″ rod he designed with a soft tip and solid backbone for fishing stick type soft plastics and the other is a 7’11” flipping rod with a soft tip which he fishes with braid.

These 14 custom shop rods are available online only through Quantum’s website and retail at $199

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