PENN Zseries All Parts

This fall Penn plans to re-release two models in their previously discontinued Z series.
Both workhorse reels will be built identical to their original models. Thus, making parts interchangeable with older reels. Designed to be fished with mono, these simplistic reels are essentially being brought back for good due to popular demand. Penn has certainly been making strides in recent years to aggressively bring prestige back to the name with interesting new products and  listening and responding directly to consumer demands.

Both reels will be made in the USA and carry an M.S.R.P. of $199.95

704Z (Bailed):     235/20 mono, 1 SS BB, 3.8:1, 30 IPT, Max Drag ~15lbs, Weight: 22.8oz
706Z (Bail-Less): 295/20 mono, 3 SS BB, 3.8:1, 33 IPT, Max Drag ~15lbs, Weight: 23.5oz

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