More details about the highly anticipated new generation of Steez reels have been released. At least two new Steez baitcast reels as well as a new “Steez EX” spinning reel are currently available for pre order from Tackle Warehouse. The baitcast reels appear very similar in design to the current generation reels with updated cosmetics and obvious Megabass influence. These updated reels still feature magnesium frame construction in lieu of Daiwas proprietary Zaion composite. The Steez EX 100XS features purple accents similar to the Megabass IS71 Hyper Lariat baitcast reel.  However, the handles look to be ported metal (instead of carbon fiber) similar to the one featured on Daiwa Japan’s “J Dream” Zillion released earlier this year. The XS model also looks to come with a new 7.9:1 gear ratio (much like the Megabass IS79UC).  The Steez EX 100HS gets the all-black cosmetic treatment with a new ported spool (Likely from the coveted Lin 10 Megabass 25th Anniversary reel) and similar ported handle as the XS.  The new Steez spinning reel dubbed “Steez EX” features a 13 bearing system coupled with Zaion composite frame, Digigear, Mag Sealed Construction, and long cast extreme spool.  All new Steez reels available for pre order do not come cheap with the listed price for the baitcast reels at $599 and spinning reel at $799! Is the American market ready to pay to play with these new flagship updates?  Guess we’ll soon find out.

Check out the new Steez and other new Daiwa releases at Tackle Warehouse


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