Good old Moss Green Powerpro gets it done for me down here in FL. It does not matter if I’m fishing grass on Okeechobee or vertical jigging offshore it is a line that has yet to let me down. I try other brands but keep coming back. I definitely want to try this one out.

The main selling point for this line is the inclusion of the new Honeywell Spectra HT (High-Tenacity) fiber.  This proprietary fiber allows construction of a braided line that is up to 25 percent thinner than its current equivalent test pound braid.  The line is also touted to be more abrasion resistant than standard Power Pro due to its inherently lower internal friction which mitigates line fray.

The line will be offered in two colors: Moss Green for the primarily freshwater angler and High-Vis Yellow for both fresh and Saltwater anglers.  Line strengths will include 50,65,80 and 100 lb-test available on 150,500,1500 and 3000-yard spools

Maxcuatro will retail from $28.99 for 50-pound test 150 yard spools, $99.99 for 80-pound test 500 yards spools, up to $699.99 for 100-pound test 3000 yard bulk filler spools


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