The new LIVETARGET Yearling Baitball series makes its debut at ICAST 2014.

This new lure series builds upon last years BaitBall design concept which adheres to the company’s founding principle to always “Match-the-Hatch”. This series won Best of Show in the Hard lure Category.  The new Yearling BaitBall series builds upon the success of its predecessor to introduce a set of baits which emulates nature’s own bait fish hatchery.  These baits emulate the tiny forage in which game fish feed allowing anglers the ability to match the hatch with a truly functional and lifelike tool.

There will be 11 distinct lures available which include:

• Squarebills: 2 sizes / 5 colors
• Crankbaits: 3 sizes/dive depths / 5 colors
• Jerkbaits: 2 sizes / 6 colors
• Rattlebaits: 2 sizes / 5 colors
• Walking baits: 2 sizes / 4 colors

MSRP is projected to be $17.99


YWB115_813_WHITE_v3_w_hooks YSB60_817_WHITE_v1 YRB75SK817_WHITE_v1 YCB60_815_WHITE_V1_w_hooks YJB95_813_WHITE_v1_w_hooks


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