Master Casters

I’d like to think that I am rather adept with a baitcaster. I can skip many a lure far back under the overhangs that are common in my home waters. I can launch a big spinnerbait into a head wind without concern of a major backlash. Furthermore, I can flip and pitch into any pocket I prefer (well…most of the time).  However, I think that with all the practice I’ve had over the years I could never rival the abilities of the gentlemen in these videos.  Gary Hain, Chuck Devereaux, and Aaron McAlexander a.k.a The “Master Casters” have perfected some rather interesting casting skills. 

Their levels of expertise vary, tricks differ in style, and real life applicability of certain techniques may be questionable. Though, I am particularly impressed with Gary Hain’s ability to “Skeet Fish” in which he “shoots” skeet in midair with a baitcast rig and plug!  I don’t know if I’ll ever really need to reach that level of casting proficiency, none the less, it is still rather impressive to watch.  Check it out.


“Skeet Fishing”

“Thumbs Up”

To see more of their videos, you can view their YouTube channel.