Organization remains an integral part to being successful out on the water. Many outings really begin at home; hours, days, sometimes even months before a big trip. Like most bass anglers I keep my tackle organized with Plano 3700 and Falcon FTO style boxes. Reels are easy as cases are relatively cheap and easy to acquire. Rods, however, in my experience have been more a of a challenge.  Trying to find that perfect rod rack that suits one particular needs can be challenging.  As my collection has grown so has my need for a large rack to manage multiple rods.  Down scaling and trading in certainly helps cut down this “problem”. However, its always nice to see whats available in my arsenal at a glance and get what I need quickly and efficiently.

I’ve owned Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, and other various racks over the years. Pretty much all were overpriced, cheaply “made in china” assemblies that didn’t quite fit my needs. This is all changed last month as I was cruising eBay and located a seller dubbed “Rods @ Rest”. With multiple options abound Jeff Williams constructs various models of rod racks at an affordable price.

The model I was most interested in was his original freshwater rod rack made with cabinet grade plywood that held 34 rods without reels (18 combos).  I liked the design however I just wished it could have been a little bit bigger.  After a few quick emails Jeff had shipped me a newly created “extra large” model that has a capacity of 52 rods or 26 combos!

The rack arrived well packed and was very easy to put together with a Phillips head screwdriver.  One can tell that a lot of forethought was implemented in the design, from the mortise and tenon type joints and countersunk screws to the nicely sanded finish. I particularly like the implementation of the casters on both ends as they can be added/removed easily should the owner decide to keep the rack in one place.

My rack was constructed with unfinished cabinet grade plywood.  Which I’ll most likely choose to finish or paint at a later date.  Jeff, however can create a more elegant looking rack with higher quality wood, hand rubbed finishes, and custom logos should you so choose.

I’ve been enjoying my rack since the day I got it and appreciate that Jeff has combined his passion for fishing and woodworking to produce an American made product that many bass anglers can enjoy.  My quest for that perfect rack has ended! Keep up the good work Jeff!

Check out Rods @ Rest on eBay


Jeff’s Original Freshwater Rack vs. the “XL” model

The XL model holds 26 combos!

Or up to 52 rods!

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