Jackall Releases Gantarel to U.S. Market

Previously only available to the Japanese Market the Jackall Gantarel makes it U.S. debut to coincide with the 2015 Bassmaster Classic.  This 2.5 oz bait will be offered in 8 different finish options.  The bluegill patterns, in particular, offer fantastic levels of detail that should prove successful for many anglers.

This bait is essentially a slow floating 6-inch lure that features a double-jointed body which creates an S shaped swimming pattern upon retrieve.   These baits also feature the ability to entice a following fish by twitching the bait after a pause causing a 180 degree turn to make the bait “look” at a following fish. The bait features a bearing swivel eye line tie to mitigate line twist.  Unique to this bait is also a set of feathered treble hooks which adds another layer of triggering potential. There is even a bottom eye in which anglers can add wait to make the bait sink and a rear eyelet where a blade can be attached.

With awesome lifelike finishes and a multitude of triggering characteristics this bait is sure to gain quite a following here in the U.S.

MSRP will be $39.99 (USD)