The past few days have been nothing short of an incredible experience. After years of reading all about ICAST online I finally got the chance to see what it was all about and then some. It truly was a learning experience to see some of the new product first hand and to also meet some of the faces behind the brand names that I fish.

Many of the people I came across were definitely passionate about fishing and their product and I couldn’t help but relay some of that passion and excitement back to them. This was most apparent at the New Product Showcase on Tuesday night.  Unfortunately, and much to my suprise, a number of others were simply discourteous and indifferent to my interest and curiosity about their company’s offerings. They definitely won’t be receiving much press or fanfare from this angler. In an industry where word of mouth means the world you would think some companies would hire better people to represent them.

Word to the wise future marketers and salesmen of the fishing tackle machine…
Be courteous to your consumer and those who want to give you positive free press. Especially to those individuals that are: very respectful to others, knowledgeable about your product, knowledgeable about your target customer, have a college degree, doesn’t have a boss to report to when it comes to writing about fishing, talks to every angler they meet about new and interesting product, and goes to ICAST on their own dime to see you!

Rant aside, ICAST 2008 was for the most part a positive experience. Of course, I really do wish I had more time to see more of what the show had to offer. However, as much as I love fishing tackle Las Vegas’ other delights were calling out to me (Okay, one of those was Bass Pro Shops on the south end of the strip. Hey I’m only human!)

Regardless of what happened in Vegas I know that the baitmonkey isn’t staying in Vegas. He’s permanently stuck on my back after this one.


Here are some more shots of gear from ICAST 2008.


Lucky Craft Display with new Kelly Jordon Model.


Mustang Inflateble PFD with Hydrostatic Inflation Technology (HIT).


Strike Pro An Pan Fish (simulates a prenant fish carrying hundreds of eggs)


Souped up Malibu Kayak

Shimano Curado E on a Cumara Rod. Woo!



Owner New Product Information Display


Mad Keen from Austrailia “Fishing Clothing and merchandise with attitude”

Uncle Josh Bump’N Run Series Swim jigs (buzz baits available as well) retail approximately $9.99





Ardent Flip N Pitch


Daiwa Mike Iaconelli Signauture Series Rods


Optimum Double Diamonds


Twin Troller Electric Fishing Boat



E21 Carrot Gold Carrot Stix

Pfleuger President



Abu Garcia Soron

more to follow…

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