The action at ICAST 2022 continued on Super Tuesday with the Annual ICAST On the Water Event held at the North Concourse Pond area of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida.

Despite the blistering mid-day temps and typical high humidity, a number of companies and their representatives were out showcasing some of the latest fishing gear for 2023 prior to voting taking place at the New Product Showcase.

Here are just a few items I found interesting:

Dena Vick showcases the new ArmaJoint190 SF Glide bait, one of a multitude of new product offerings from Shimano

Technical Details for the new Armaboost technology. The Bait actually folds to facilitate farther and more efficient casts

The legacy of flagship spinning reel performance continues with the release of the new Shimano Stella FK
The New Shimano World Pop 69F Features Flash Boost technology to elicit strikes from targeted game fish
St Croix has revamped the Legend Tournament Bass Lineup. This Finesse Glass Cranker action was on point for fishing a blade bait

The new Daiwa SV TW 70 form factor is reminiscent of a Pixy with TWS feature set integration

Daiwa’s popular Tatula XT lineup of rods get a makeover. Might just be the best $100 price point rod yet.

Cashion Rods was out showcasing two new BFS models to coincide with the growing popularity of the technique in the US

The new Lew’s Elite Ti Combo fishes like an absolute dream. Super easy to execute long casts

Don Morse of American Tackle Company and Autism Anglers showcases the new Youth Fishing Rod Combo MSRP $39.99
Spearpoint was showing off their new Triple Threat Trailer hooks
The PakBak P88-MK Combo is a mobile kitchen unit that allows anglers to process fish near the water and vacuum pack their catch to obtain maximum freshness MSRP $899
The LunkerHunt GlitchBlade Crankbait has a unique action that thumps hard when slow cranky reminiscent of a big Colorado bladed spinnerbait
The Kistler Grasshopper is a premium 4’6′ offering targeted to youth anglers. Feels great in hand with a bait caster.

Part of their Nature Series the Fishlab Flutter Nymph is an interesting multi piece soft plastic.
The Bass Reaper Double Tap is a two-sided version on their single sided stick worm dubber TAP THAT which is molded after a traditional tap and die


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