Headed to the big show this year?  Here are my top 10 pre show picks of hot, new, and interesting bass fishing items to scope out.

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10.  Lews Mach Crush Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

If you are fond of last years bright green yet surprisingly affordable ICAST 2016 New Product Showcase Winner the Mach II then this reel or its matched combo should be right up your alley. The new Lews Mach Crush Speed Spool is a value oriented reel that features, 10 bearings,  a graphite frame and side plates, zirconia line guide, quick release side plate lever, brass gearing, carbon fiber drag (20lb max), externally adjustable Multi setting Brake (MSB), 95 mm power handle with Winn knobs, clicking aluminum spool tension adjustment and anodized aluminum drag star.  Lews matched combos are a great off the shelf value and if these are anything  like last years Mach IIs these should be an instant success with many anglers. MSRP $159.99 and $199 (Combo)


9.  Shimano Conquest Rods

The first jointly branded bass rods from Shimano and GLoomis. A premium offering that  features Spiral X and Hi Power X blanks and Fuji Torzite guides. Available in MBR and SJR proven actions. MSRP $650 – $700. Very Curious to see how these feel in hand.


8.  Live Target Hollow body Frog Popper

Popping frogs have taken off like wildfire with many bass anglers.  Now throw in an offering from a proven company with a proven design team into the mix and you have a prime recipe for marketplace success. Touted as the first ever “Signature Series” lure from pro angler Scott Martin.  This popping frog will be available in 2 sizes and 10 total colors.  MSRP $12.99

7.  The Boyah Flex II and Streak IV

These new “Armored Foam” crank baits offer a different sound, buoyancy, and deflection characteristics compared to plastic or traditional balsa wood designs.  Both models feature a Foam injected mold body and one piece lip and rattle chamber. MSRP: TBD


6.  Megabass Destroyer USA Rods

Although not technically an ICAST release these rods made their debut back in March and were available to market in April.  The Destroyer lineup of rods have a much storied legacy spanning nearly two decades.  Premium components and USDM tailored actions backed by a Megabass US warranty, these are the first “real” Megabass offerings tailored to our market.  Featuring seven total casting options and a single spinning , each has been carefully refined to perfection. I’ve had my eye on the F7-76X Valdivia frog rod for a while. Cant wait to get my hands on one. MSRP $399- $425

F3.5-611XS Addermine Taper: Extra-Fast | Lure Rating: 1/8 – 1/2oz | Line Rating: 5 – 12lb
F4.5-611X Oneten Special Taper: Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 3/4oz | Line Rating: 8 – 20lb
F5-72X Daemos Taper: Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 1oz | Line Rating: 8 – 20lb
F5-75X Javelin Taper: Medium-Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 1oz | Line Rating: 8 – 20lb
F6-71X FMJ Taper: Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 1.25oz | Line Rating: 10 – 25lb
F7-76X Valdivia Taper: Extra-Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 1.5oz | Line Rating: 10 – 25lb
F8.5-711X Warhammer Taper: Fast | Lure Rating: 3/8 – 2oz | Line Rating: 16 – 30lb
F10-711X Onager Taper: Medium-Fast | Lure Rating: 4 – 8oz | Line Rating: 20 – 40lb


5.  Savage Gear 3D Bat

Mads Grosell and Savage Gear have been crushing at ICAST for a few years now with numerous eclectic and functional lure designs.  This year they are debuting (among a myriad of other offerings) the new Savage Gear 3D bat (already a 2017 EFTTEX winner).  Much like a number of their offerings this unique top water lure is based off of scans of the real McCoy.  Available in 2 sizes this bait will retail for MSRP $12.99


4.  Rapala RipStop

Rapala always seems to have something interesting up their sleeve for ICAST.  This year their hot new bait is known as the RipStop. This new bait is touted a s cross between a hard plastic jerk bait and soft body swim bait.  The unique tail design gives the bait a hard stopping action. 1/4 oz weight 3-4′ depth, 3.5″ long, w/VMC light wire treble hooks. Available in 14 colors. MSRP $9.99 


3. The Teckel Sprinker Frog

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks you’ve probably seen and heard about this new bait sweeping the bass fishing marketplace by storm.  This weedless frog designed by Japan’s Hideki Maeda features a paddle tail that emulates the sound of the much revered River 2 Sea Whopper Plopper.  Sold out at a number of online retailer and selling for around $50 a pop on Ebay these lures are all the rage this summer.  I am honestly not even sure if Teckle will have representation at ICAST 2017.  All I do know is many bass anglers want one of these lures in hand and they want them now.


2.  13 Fishing Concept Z Baitcast Reel

13 Fishing has a number of interesting offerings this year but the one that is generating the most intrigue is the Concept Z.  This 6.1 oz hot orange baitcast reel features a design absent of traditional ball bearings.  Additional features include Japanese Hamai cut gearing, Ocean Armor 2 saltwater protection process, 13 Tech EVA handle knobs, 6-way centrifugal braking system, Arrowhead line guide, Beetle Wing rapid access side plate, dead stop anti reverse. 

I love the bold look and fresh approach from 13 Fishing with this reel.  I cant wait to get my hands on one.

MSRP $200


1. Shimano Curado K

Even though much of the competition has increasingly stepped up their game the Curado name still reigns supreme among many die hard bass anglers.  The Curado 200I was a much needed refresh after the whole Curado G debacle. However, the 200I’s inherent ergonomics weren’t quite on par with one of its predecessors, the much lauded E series.  The 2016 debut of the compact Curado 70xg was a refreshing design evolution from the previous 50 sized form factor and was essentially a much needed design “muscle flex” by Shimano for this price arena.  Obviously, after all that hard work to bring back loyal fans from competitors the team at Shimano is taking this workhorse reel series to the next level.  The 200K will feature a Hagane compact body (addressing the ergo qualms with the I) , in addition to micro module gearing, and SVS infinity.  The stealth black finish with green accented spool and cast control knob should match nicely with a myriad of rod options (including the new Curado Rod series).  The Shimano Curado K reels will available in both left and right hand models in 3 different gear ratios. MRSP $179.99



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