Its that time of year again where lots of interesting new products are getting released.  After combing through it all here are my picks for the top 10 items of interest.


10.  Sunline BX2 Braided Fishing Line


Sunline has become a mainstay among st serious bass anglers. Their current FX2 and SX1 braided lines are quiet popular. The new BX2 and TX1 are both constructed with Sunline’s new 8 strand Ultimate IZANAS PE braided line with smooth surface processing. BX2 and TX1 will come in 150 and 600yd spools. BX2 available in green and 35,50,65 lb test. Whereas TX1 will come in ultra vis yellow or green and 7,10,12,16, and 24lb test.


9.  Storm Arashi Spinbait


The “secret” technique of Spy baiting made its US debut back at ICAST 2013.  Since that time the bait that set the standard for the technique, the Duo Realis spinbait 80, has been refined via their GFix series and has also had a number of market competitors from other OEMs.  The latest competitor on the block to the gold standard is from Storm and shows that this novel technique has surely reached the mainstream angling market.  The Storm Arashi Spinbait will feature 3-2 counter rotating blades measure 3 1/8 inches, weigh 1/3 oz and comes in 10 fish-attracting color patterns. MSRP $7.99


8.   Yamamoto Zako Swimbait


Can’t say we didn’t see this one coming.  Bret Hite has been besting his competition for years with a vibrating jig. While he’s continually credited Yamamoto’s swim senko as his trailer of choice its no secret that a Lake Fork Magic Shad can be seen rigged up on his rods when money is on the line.  Slight design modifications aside the Zako’s action has been refined by Hite himself.  This bait has already been credited for his 2nd place finish at the Bass master Elite series Winyah Bay event earlier this year. This lure looks like it will certainly be a hit with Yamamoto and chatterbait fans alike.



7. Favorite Summit Fishing Rods


These guys had a few interesting offerings on the floor at last years show. Still looking to break into a crowded USDM marketplace the new Summit series of rods is sure to get noticed. A minimalist implementation touted at the “Worlds Lightest Rod” uses their iGRIP tapered blank technology coupled with high end Fuji components makes for an interesting show piece I certainly would like to check out.


6. Lunker hunt link


Year in Year out, Lunkerhunt always seems to produce new and interesting lure designs, and this year is no exception. The new Lunkerhunt Link is a jointed top water bait. Touted as the only hinged walking bait on the market this unique bait will come in two body styles.  One color pattern will emulate chasing baitfish whereas the second will emulate a snake. This bait will be available in two sizes 4.5 inch – 1/4 ounce and 6.75 inch – 5/8 ounce.


5.  St Croix Legend Glass Casting Rods


The new St Croix Legend Glass IPC casting rods are a new premium cranking stick. This four rod series will feature premium, linear S-Glass blanks built on St. Croix exclusive Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) mandrels.  S-Glass is touted as being stronger, lighter, higher in modulus and more dynamic that traditional woven E-glass.  These rods will also feature Fuji K Concept Tangle free guides with Alconite inserts and a traditional deep honey finish. The four made in USA models being introduced at ICAST 2016 include:

  • Model LGC610MM: 6’-10” length, medium power, moderate action. Ideal for making shorter, precise casts with smaller, lighter crankbaits.
  • Model LGC72MM: 7’-2” length, medium power, moderate action. Highly versatile model built to handle a wide variety of crankbaits.
  • Model LGC74MHM: 7’-4” length, medium-heavy power, moderate action. Ideal for use with larger, deep-running crankbaits, including lipless lures.
  • Model LGC711HM: 7’-11” length, heavy power, moderate action. Ideal for the largest, deepest-diving crankbaits.

MSRP $240 – $250


4. Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck


This eclectic bait is based off a 3D scan of an actual duck this bait features two spinning feet to draw attention from any nearby predator fish.

2 Sizes 4.25″ 1oz and 6.00″ 2.75″ will be available.  MSRP $16.99-$19.99


3. Plano Guide Series tackle bag



Plano has revamped their guide series tackle bags.  They’ve essentially refined an already popular series with the inclusion of a modular  Utilitackle Rail system and an elevated base that seems less utilitarian than the older Hydro-Flo bag.


2. Lightweight premium baitcast reels

There are a few premium bait casting reels being released this year for enthusiasts to get excited about



Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme

The Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme is the flagship of their latest and the greatest Revo platform.  The all new form factor coupled with lightweight components puts this reel at a minuscule 4.5oz making it the lightest production baitcast reel on the market. MSRP $499


Daiwa Steez SV TW

Making its debut earlier this year in Yokohama this flagship baitcast reel marks the 10th anniversary of the popular Daiwa Steez lineup.  Featuring a myriad of new features including the much heralded T-Wing and SV Spool this made in Japan reel is sure to be a hit with enthusiasts everywhere. MSRP $499


2016 Shimano Metanium MGL


The new Metanium MGL made its debut at Yokohama earlier this year and is now coming to the USDM.  This saltwater safe, Made in Japan reel features Shimano’s new lightweight Magnumlite spool, next generation SVS infinity braking system, Magnesium alloy Hagane body with cI4+ side plates, Micro Module gearing, X-Ship, and silent tune.  It will be offered in six 150 sized models and three different gear ratios.  MSRP $419


1. Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor


Dubbed as being the “Best of both worlds” this motor is essentially a combination of Minn Kotas’s Ulterra and Fortrex trolling motors.

The new Minn Kota Ultrex Features:

  • Power Steering: Ultra-responsive control and reduces steering effort and foot fatigue
  • Steering Lock: Take your foot off the pedal and keep your motor heading
  • Ultrex Foot Pedal: Power steering with Spot-Lock and AutoPilot Buttons
  • Lift-Assist
  • Fortrex Mono Arm bracket
  • Coated stainless steel stow/deploy adjustable cable
  • Bluetooth-enabled i-Pilot or i-Pilot Link
  • Digital Maximizer
  • Universal Sonar 2
  • Composite Shaft
  • Weedless Wedge 2 Prop

The Minn Kota Ultrex product line-up will consist of numerous i-Pilot- or i-Pilot Link- and US2-enabled combos, including 24-volt 80 lbs. thrust and 36-volt 112 lbs. thrust versions in 45”, 52” and 60” shaft lengths. MSRP: $2199.99-$2799.99



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