Every year many companies  pre release bits of information to the information hungry media and angling public. I’ve sorted through the myriad of press releases and  hype. Here are my top 10 pre show picks worthy of interest for today’s savvy bass angler.




10. World Fishing Tackle (WFT) – Gliss Fishing Line
Touted as the next big thing in fishing lines Gliss is an extrusion of high modulus polyethylene fibers.  It looks like mono but has almost zero stretch like braid.  I’ve been hearing about this line for a while and am certainly curious to give it a shot




 9. Zoom Z-3 Swamp Crawler
A hand-poured, triple laminate version of Zooms popular 6″ straight-tailed worm.  In the copy cat game that is soft plastics Zoom is already taking a lot of heat from die hard Roboworm fanatics.




8. Live Target Hollow Body Sunfish
The team at LIVETARGET never stops when it comes to adding to their versatile assortment of product.  The new Hollow Body Sunfish is a weedless top water bait that emulates a struggling juvenile sunfish.  Available in 12 colors with an MSRP of $13.49 this lure opens up a number of interesting angling opportunities.




7. YOLOtek AquaStickPro
An ingenious solution to filming with an action camera on a Bass Boat.  This height adjustable mount plugs into either the forward or aft navigation light port and has two USB ports up top to keep your camera charged.  No more having to change out batteries, run cables, or take over your back seat post.



Team Lew's Pro Magnesium Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

6. Team Lew’s Pro Magnesium Speed Spool Baitcast Reel
Lew’s has made a major comeback in the American marketplace with their (IMHO) rather conservative design portfolio of reels (Speed Spool, BB1, BB2 etc).  I’ve slowly been turned onto their latest evolution of form factor offerings in the LFS platform.  Last years LITE Speed Spool LFS was certainly eye catching and felt great in hand.  This year’s 5.3 oz 1-piece magnesium framed reel also touts two new innovations from Lew’s.  The new Speed Dial™ line indicator for tracking  line type and weight spooled on the reel, and the built-in Speed Keeper™ hook keeper that retracts when not in use. MSRP $279.99



5.  Humminbird Helix7
The biggest unit of their popular Helix line. Humminbird answers the desires of Joe Public with a feature laden and value oriented side imagining GPS System



Daiwa_Steez_SV103XS Daiwa_Steez_AGS ICAST15_307 Steez_XT_casting_rods
4. Updated Daiwa Steez Offerings
The Steez platform has been Daiwa’s successful flagship for over 10 years. The new SV bait cast reels brings the already heralded SV spool stateside. The new Steez AGS baitcast rods with SVF blanks and carbon frame guides and value based Steez XT rods should also appease many Daiwa fanatics.



3. Shimano Stradic FK
Shimano’s Stradic platform is arguably their most popular reel. Fresh and saltwater anglers alike rely on these reels to get the job done at a price point where quality meets value. The FK stylistically reminds me of a down scaled Saragossa, built with an eye toward the saltwater angler.  An evolution in mechanical refinement and beauty for Shimano’s reel portfolio I’m sure this reel will end up in many anglers arsenal’s




2. Duo Realis – The Prometheus Project – Onimasu
Glide baits are reaching legendary status amongst Trophy bass anglers.  Renowned lure designer Masahiro Adachi and company have been testing and tweaking this design to perfection for over two years. Duo Realis changed the U.S. bass angling game with the introduction of Spybaiting. Now they are poised to make waves again with Onimasu.



13_Fishing_Omen_Black_2015 13_Fishing_Omen Black
1. 13 fishing – Omen Black 2
A couple of years ago the bass rod market took a major turn toward the $100 price point.  It seems as if everyone came out with a “price point”  rod to target this segment. I fished with a number of these offerings and like many anglers was left wanting more.  Enter 13 Fishing’s fresh foray into the angling market place that brought bold new styling and value for the up and coming and budget minded passionate angler.  The Omen Black has certainly become a very popular, if not the most popular stick at the $100 price point.  It looks like the team at 13 Fishing wants to keep it that way. The updated design brings 30 ton Toray blanks coupled with  full cork grips, new Evolve Engage reel seats, and Alps Guides with Zirconia Inserts.  12 Casting Models, 2 Cranking, and 11 Spinning models ranging in price from $100 – $140.

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