With another ICAST in the books and show hype subsiding (and I have to go back to my day job) I always tend browse through the pile of catalogs and pictures I collected to reflect on a few more random thoughts and items of interest. Below are just a few random items that upon post ICAST hysteria certainly deserve some discussion.

Abu Garcia’s Revo Shop:
The guys at Pure Fishing never stop. Relentless marketing campaigns, progressive product iteration, and knowledgeable staff can’t hurt. I was pleasantly surprised to see this display with intelligently packaged knob and carbon fiber handle options, as well as custom fit neoprene reel covers. Now if they could only follow up with some off the shelf shallow spool options (If you are from Pure Fishing and happen to be reading this, yes we want shallow spools as options, make it happen). We accessorize our trucks, we accessorize our boats. We obviously want to accessorize our reels as well. Why not make parts readily available to Revo anglers everywhere? Kudos Abu Garcia.

(video from Abu Garcia)

Savage Gear: 3D Reel Eel Sand Eel and sand eel slugs
I must have stopped to watch these baits as well as the “3D Reel Eel” swim in that tank on 5 different occasions (the booth was in the same isle as Shimano, Gloomis, Rapala, and Okuma) whilst meandering the floor. Savage Gear essentially specializes in lures for larger predatory game fish.  While the 3D reel eel looked gimmicky sitting amongst the plethora of lures at the NPS (in the atrocious lighting conditions) its action in their booths display tank basically said “eat me”.  The same story for the “sand eel” and “sand eel slugs”.  While the lures interesting actions spoke for themselves (particularly the twin slug rig), I couldn’t help but notice that Mads Groscell essentially had a subtle pissed off demeanor about him.  From one angler to another, I pretty much got the vibe that he was tired of showing off lures, answering silly questions, and basically wanted to put the hurt on some uneducated fish in our fine Florida fisheries.  Can’t blame him.  Poor fish… lucky us.  Many of us will be using these bad boys soon. I know I will at least.

Savage Gear 3D Reel Eel

Savage Gear Sand Eel and Sand Eel Slugs
(video from Tacklewarehouse)


The New Daiwa Cielo 7’4″

I had mild interest in this re-release of the Cielo series of rods. The older SVF models sat at a higher price point and are still good values where you can find them on the net.  I was however surprised to see one rod in the line up list (CEL741HFB H F 7’4″ 1 55-80 BRAID 1/2-2 10 $ 159.95) which essentially looks to emulate the specifications of the  STZ741XHFBA-XBD.  The 7’4″ XBD is a rod which I have used, abused, and loved nearly every trip out since it emerged from its rod tube at 5:00 in the morning 3 summers ago.  If you bass fish in Florida this is essentially (IMHO) “THE” rod for fishing grass, mats, pads, tules with braid and plastics let alone frogs.  If this new Cielo is anything like its sibling (one can only hope) then the masses will surely be in for something special.  I only wished I had the chance to check this stick out in greater detail at the show.


The Daiwa Steez EX Baitcast Reel

Its safe to say that I am a fan of the Daiwa Steez Baitcasting lineup.  This “second coming” was more of a “design refresh” (read add minimal new features for a high percentage increase in price) than actualy a new breakthrough chassis design.  Much to my chagrin the initial teaser photos of the EX100HS showing a ported “lin” spool were met with the showing of the “standard” 100 sized dimple spool.  I was told this will be the production implementation and while not the “biggest” deal it seems that with the $599 MSRP you would at least try to keep the other spool available for crazy enthusiasts that already have them on pre order.


Live Target Tilapia

Yes the Live Target Frog Popper won “Best of Show” in the hard bait category.  Yes the design totally reminds me of the Rapala skitter pop. However, nonchalantly the Live Target Tilapias were certainly bad ass looking in their display case. A predominant forage fish around these parts and many other southern bodies of water these baits should serve many bass anglers well. Three models in two colors coming soon. A 3.25″ floating 3/4 oz wake bait, 2.5″(3/8 oz) and 3″(5/8 oz) sinking rattle baits. Morsels of genius if they swim half as well as they look I’ll be stoked.


Lamiglas Infinity Bass Rods

I’m not a Lamiglas guy. In fact the only Lamiglas rod I’ve ever fished was the Skeet Reese Punching stick that my friend uses to seldom flip with and frankly I wasn’t too enamoured by it.  However, this particular rod series still had me thinking about it for a while after the show. Featuring 3M Powerlux Resins, titanium guides, Fuji reel sets, and woven graphite handles. This rod had that x factor about it that will make it something special for sure.



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