It seems as if every summer I now start looking forward to ICAST to see all the hottest new tackle.  One of my favorite manufacturers whose products I cannot help but drool over is Daiwa.  Over the past few Daiwa has given the impression that they not only want to one up the competition but even outclass themselves.  Their new offerings appear to not only answer the needs of tackle junkies; but exceed their expectations as well.  As a result, I expect this year to be no different.  Early last week published a few preview articles pertaining to new high speed Steez and Zillion offerings. (Daiwa Steez High Speed Preview and Daiwa Zillion Hyper Preview)

Daiwa Steez 103SHAZillion 100SHSA
Photos from

These two bad boys exude stylistic cues that scream speed, power, and performance. With the Steez having a 7.1:1 (29.8IPT), and the racecar red Hyper speed Zillion featuring a 7.3:1 (32IPT) retrieve. With their hot red accents these premium baitcasters would sure match up well with a Steez Compile X STZ711HFBA or STZ802HFBA. Speaking of rods, Tackle tour previewed a few new Steez cranking rods as well (Daiwa Steez Cranking Rods Preview). These drop dead gorgeous rods, with gold accents, feature a combination of fiberglass and daiwa’s proprietary SVF graphite to provide the perfect actions necessary for fishing cranks.

Steez Flexlite
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With the release of these sticks I fully expect a cranking version of the Steez or the Japanese Domestic Market “Crazy Cranker” to make its way into the U.S. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to get some other imports over here such as the new Alphas type R or Millionaire SSS Ringa. Don’t get me wrong I love my sol, but the Alphas type R features a higher bearing count, overall lighter weight, carbon fiber handle, cork knobs and tuned duralumin spool right out of the package! Not to mention the current JDM Steez Rods that don’t compare to our “normal” SVF and Compile-X series like the: Hustler (STZ701HMHXB-XTQ), Werewolf (STZ661MFB-SV), Deepstrike (STZ721HMHRB-LM), Wylie (STZ701MHFB), Ouachita (STZ 731HXHFB), and Stratofortress (STZ 742HXHRB).

These hot rods are more than just eye candy as they feature performance enhancements s like, X-Torque Graphite, Low Modulus Graphite (for the lightweight characteristics of graphite and the flexibility of fiberglass), and an aero ergonomic reel seat to perfectly tailor their feel and actions to specific situations.
Unfortunately their elite status also carries an elite price tag as they typically retail for $500+ from Japanese internet tackle dealers. None the less for a true tackle aficionado their styling cues certainly press all the right buttons. Hopefully some of these awesome rods make their way to the US market this summer.


Zillion Crazy Cranker
Millionaire Ringa SSS 2008
Alphas Type R
Daiwa JDM reels:
From Top to Bottom: Zillion Crazy Cranker, Millionaire Ringa SSS 2008, and Alphas Type R
Photos from Plat

Steez Hustler
Steez Werewolf
Steez Deepstrike
Steez Wylie
Steez Quachita & Stratofortress
JDM Steez Rods
From Top to Bottom: Hustler, Werewolf, Deepstrike, Wylie, Ouachita, and Stratofortress
Photos from Plat

…Somebody please get the baitmonkey off my back!

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