Whoever thought fishing was a lazy sport, is totally wrong!  You usually see fishermen (and fisherwomen) sitting in a boat or on a chair on the shore fishing, but did you know that when you are fishing, you can target certain muscles?  You probably didn’t think your posture as you fish targets certain muscle areas which result in toning and becoming more physically balanced.

This great FREE guide by Troy Linder is an excellent guide on exercises for fishermen.  This PDF file (make sure you have Adobe Reader to view it) outlines different exercises while you’re standing, holding a fishing rod and how you should be standing.  The way you stand and hold your rod does affect certain muscles, similar to posture when you are sitting down at a desk.  There are even tips for nutrition and most importantly, protecting  your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


The guide also outlines exercises to do after a day out on the water to relieve any shoulder or neck pain.  It’s amazing how many different exercise combinations you can do without any weights or extra equipment.  All you really need is an interest and a passion for fishing!  Of course, these exercises can be done whether you’re fishing often or not, but if you are fishing, it will definitely benefit you!

Thanks Troy for this great guide!

-Susan (for more exercise tips and my personal journey of fitness visit workinonmyfitness.com!)

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