Duo Realis forever changed the finesse fishing paradigm with the introduction of spy baiting back in 2013. They have also introduced a number of effective hard bait staples including their popular G-Fix lipless crankbaits, and M65 mid depth divers.

Not going to lie, I was surprised to see Pokémon lures pop up in my tackle feed but was happy to see they were in fact the real deal fishable lures and were a serious collaborative effort from Duo Realis! It didn’t take much convicting for me to get a hold of these two fun top waters and see what kind of action they delivered on the water.

DUO Pokemon Fishing Lures!
Back side of packaging

Such Awesome detail I almost didn’t want to fish them

The Kyogre Dwarfs the Smaller Pikachu

The 6 inch 1.7 oz Kyogre is the larger of the two baits. Form factor is certainly reminiscent of a Deps NZ crawler or a Jackall Pompadour. Its action is analogous to a giant swimming beast. Lots of commotion. The Pikachu’s forward curved lip design immediately brings to mind the classic jitterbug. The action is a little more subtle and the wake pattern actually looks inviting. It didn’t take too long to prove itself in battle.

Pickachu didn’t catch em all just the one the mattered

Fun to fish, an interesting collectible, and gets bit. What’s not to like? I’ve certainly enjoyed them.



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