ICAST 2008 The Aftermath: A random list of the top “I want that” items.

It has been a few weeks since ICAST 2008 concluded and the after effects are starting to take their toll. (This is the first part of a series entitled ICAST 2008 The Aftermath.) There’s an inherent problem every tackle junkie encounters as they peruse the Internet daily whilst constantly searching for information on the latest and the greatest. That problem essentially surfaces when something catches your eye. Then...

ICAST 2008: Thursday July 17th 2008

Here’s a quick rundown of the ICAST 2008 New Product Showcase winners crowned Thursday morning: Category:  Overall Best of Show and Freshwater Reel Winner:  Shimano Curado E Notes:  A huge improvement over the Curado D the new Shimano Curado E brings back and improves upon what bass anglers loved about the old “Green” Curados. Palming this bad boy was bass fishing bliss. $179.99 retail automatically puts it in...

ICAST 2008: Wednesday July 16th 2008

The first day of the show proved to be an interesting affair as there were numerous retailers itching to share the latest in product information and, surprisingly enough, some rather nonchalant about what was taking place around them. None the less, as a bass angler I could not help but be most excited about the hottest new bass tackle from many of the biggest names in the industry. Of course, I was also more than interested in what everyone else had or wanted to share with me as well.

The convention center was essentially an amalgam of fishing tackle enthusiasts, buyers, sellers, mangers, professional anglers, photographers, press, and a plethora of new product running the gamut from new rods, reels, lures, lines, electronics, tools, and accessories. With fishing tackle eye candy abound I honestly felt like I did the first time I ever set foot in a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. I ultimately came to the realization today that covering the event in its entirety would surely prove to be an exercise in futility. However, it is still fun to learn what I can and share it with the world. Below are some shots from this morning, expect more to follow tomorrow.

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to those vendors who took their valuable time to share information and passion about their product with me yesterday and today. I truly appreciate your kindness.

New Shimano Curado

Shimano Curado 200 E

New Quantum Energy PT

Quantum Energy PTiB Spinning Reel

New Quantum Tour KVD Cranking Rod

Quantum Tour KVD Rod

Daiwa Zillion and 4.9 Information Display

Daiwa Zillion and 4.9 Crazy Cranker Information Display

Daiwa Zillion 50th Anniversary Hyper Speed Special Edition

Daiwa Zillion 7.3:1

New Team Daiwa Zillion Rod

Daiwa Zillion Rod

Spro Mc Stick

Spro Mike McClelland Mc Stick

Culprit Ultimate Series


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ICAST 2008: New Product Showcase Preview

The new product showcase at ICAST 2008 took place earlier today with a myriad of companies presenting their latest and greatest. The crowd was composed of a few brave new souls to the market and a number of veterans with new endeavors. This was a gathering in which buyers and media were able to learn and judge for the “Best of Show” competition. As a newcomer to the event I couldn’t help but be a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people and product. A rather interesting thought to entertain, as this event was just a sampling of what I could expect over the next few days. Some big names in bass fishing were amongst the crowd including Bill Dance, Hank Parker, Ish Monroe, and Boyd Duckett. I also have to say that many of the product designers and marketers that I came across were very welcoming and were more than happy to answer all of my questions and comments pertaining to their product. I am certainly excited to be here in Las Vegas and can’t help but be enthusiastic about getting to see what else ICAST 2008 has in store. More to follow.

Here’s a peek at what was being shown at the new product showcase. I apologize in advance as photography is not my forte.

ICAST 2008 New Product Showcase Banner


Shimano Curado 200 E
New Shimano Curado E


New Daiwa Rods
From Left to right: Fle-X-Lite cranking rod, Ike Signature Series, Zillion


Quantum Tour Edition PT
New Quantum Tour Edition Reel. Retail approx. $279


Daiwa Megaforce Plus
New Diawa Megaforce Plus (11 ball bearings, swept handle, Magforce Z, 7.1:1, Twitchin bar Retail $99.95)
Zillion 7.3
TD Zillion 7.3 and Box


Suffix 100 Percent Flourocarbon and Deep Cranking Line
New Suffix 100% Flourocarbon and Suffix Deep Crankin Line



Jackall Poison Rods 2
Jackall Poison Rods (retail approximately $450)
Xtools Talking Scale
Xtools Grip n Weigh Talking Scale
Let your scale do the trash talking!
(why omit the expandable jaws from the previous generation?)
Big Bear Fishing Rods
New rods from a new Company “Big Bear” (http://www.bigbearfishingrods.com)


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