South Florida is best known for its beaches, golf and of course, fishing.  Bass fishing especially, since you can basically fish almost anywhere – from the canals off the highways, the backyards of residential housing and the Everglades being convieniently nearby.  Not to mention the tons of lakes where large mouth bass are lurking.

GC and I took a trip to the IFGA Museum, IGFA meaning the International Game Fish Association, which is located in Dania Beach, FL.  It’s a great museum for someone who is interested in all the types of fish out there.  The organization is non profit and is very much committed to the conservation of game fish and promotion of ethical, angler practices.  For any one who is obsessed with fishing for sport is very much passionate about these practices, as without them, the sport would cease to exist.


The museum also houses the Fishing Hall of Fame, where you see replicas of all types of record caught fish, from the Small Mouth Bass to a Great White Shark.  There are literally hundreds of difference species of fish.


Below is a replica of the world record bass (22lb, 4 oz.) caught by George Perry.



There is even an outside area where you can see some alligators, which is always interesting to tourists and locals who aren’t used to seeing alligators. 🙂


I personally found this ‘anatomy of a bass’ interesting, only because I see so many bass on the “outside,” I always wondered what lied beneath.


The museum also included old school fishing rods, reels, how to tie different fishing knots, a simulation of catching an actual fish (great for the kids) – ocean and freshwater, and tackle (from the early years of fishing to today’s popular tackle).

Even though I’m not a die hard bass fisher(wo)man, I really appreciated the message the IFGA was conveying, which told me that its really up to us to keep the sport of fishing alive by catch and release.

…and of course, after going to the museum, you can’t pass up a trip to Bass Pro Shops, which is right next door!



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