I’ve been fishing the 2011 Quantum smoke SL100HPT reel on a 6’6″ mh smoke rod a lot lately.  Namely to cross compare it to another combo I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 2009 TE100HPT with a 6’6’mh Quantum Superlite rod. The general form factor between the two is the same but the lower weight of the reel and the crisper response of the smoke rod is definitively noticeable.

Whilst cruising the net today I came across the teaser image below.  Essentially it shows that Quantum has crossed over the “smoke” design mindset to their spinning reels as well. Obviously, these reels would best pair up with a smoke spinning rod (one would hope).   I have an earlier generation TE20PTi that I’ve put to good use over the last few years and as great of reel that it is it certainly would be nice to see it in a lighter package.  I can’t wait to check these out this summer.  As for now, the hype continues…





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