What seems to be a smart move by a number of manufacturers is the mid season debut of bass angler specific product releases.  Here are a few products that are making their debut coinciding with this years Bassmaster Classic.


Daiwa Tatutla CT, Zillion SV TW, and Cronos Rods

The team over at Daiwa has been hard at work putting a number of reels out to compete with a flooded market.  I was surprised by the sheer number of product releases at ICAST and am certainly welcoming these new designs. They say competition breeds innovation and it looks like a number of competitors has Daiwa stepping up their mid range lineup. The Tatula CT and CT type R ($129.99- $179.99) are effectively a refinement on the first generation Tatula reels that address the primary user complaint among all that use it (its bulky form factor). The more compact form factor of the CT and CT Type R look to facilitate better ergonomics whilst leveraging an already strong feature set and price point. The Zillion SV TW appears to make use of this more compact platform while also using the already popular SV concept spool. The new Cronos ($169.99 -$179.99) series of rods looks to bring performance and value to the $180 price point with a design that rivals fellow competitor Shimano’s successful Zodias rod lineup.



Jackall Gantarel Jr.

Blue gill hard baits are en vogue with a number of competitors laying out some impressive looking baits. Jackall’s Gantarel hit the USDM market at last years Bassmaster Classic and was an instant success. Its large form factor had many anglers (including myself) asking for a more compact version to better match the hatch under certain angling situations. It appears that the Jr. version will come in at approximately 5″ long and 1.5oz in weight vs. the standard size 6.25″ length and 2.5oz weight.  It’s awesome to see the team over at Jackall USA listening to anglers needs and delivering with this release.



Megabass Dog X Diamante

A premium walking bait designed under the Megabass STW (Support to Win) program.  This bait has been created to deliver excellent walking action along with premium components.  Walking baits are always a popular option for big bass anglers. With the market segment already crowded this bait was specifically engineered to have a hard cutting action that excels even at high speeds.  Available in a rattling and non rattling version the 4.75″ long. 3/4 oz bait is also equipped with 3 Gamakatsu SP-MH #5 treble hooks and is available in 8 colors. MSRP $19.99



Missile Jigs Head Banger Jig

This new release from Missile Jigs features a triangular shaped head coupled with a 5/0 VMC hook.  Built to handle the same situations where you would want to implement a traditional football head jig. Available in 1/2 oz to 1oz size and 6 colors MSRP: $4.99 – $5.99



Rapala Shadow Rap Shad and Shadow Rap Deep

Building upon last years Shadow Rap Series this new lure features a shad shaped body and comes in two different depth specific models. The inherent triggering action is meant to mimic an injured shad emulating a horizontal struggle with slow vertical rise on the pause. The Shadow Rap shad is made to run 3-4 ft and the Shadow Rap deep 5-6ft.  Measuring in at 3.5in/4+3/8″ and come in at 3/8oz and 7/16oz  and are coupled with two #6 VMC black nickle, thin wire, round bend hooks. Available in 24 colors MSRP $8.99



ZMan Chatterbait Freedom

Zman introduces a pairing of the Chatterbait blade and Freedom Tackle’s twist hook change design. This specially designed hook attachment facilitates swapping out hooks making it easy for the angle to change out skirts and trailer effortlessly. The predominant features include the patented stainless hex- shaped ChatterBlade with new extra-strong quick clip line tie.  The proprietary Freedom tackle interchangeable head design. 5/0 long neck VMC hook w/ silicone skirt. This new bait will be available in 6 color patterns with both 3/8 ox and 1/2 oz sizes MSRP $7.99



Shimano Caenan 150 and Curado 70 Baitcast reels

The new Curado 70 is the next generation compact from Shimano. Leveraging their Hagane, XShip, SVS Infinity Brake System and S3D: Stable Spool Design feature sets this reel seeks to please anglers that enjoy smaller form factor reels. If you’re a fan of the previous Curado/Chronarch 50 E chassis then the new 70 form factor should be right up your alley.
The new Caenan 150 is Shimano’s answer to the $100 baitcast reel price point. With  High school and College fishing taking off like wildfire in the US Shimano want’s to help these young anglers get a quality reel on deck at a price point that doesn’t break the bank. The reel features Shimano’s HEG gear system, VBS braking system, and S3D stable spool design.  Coming in at 7.2oz with both 6.3:1 and 7.2:1 gear ratios this reel is sure to be a hit with many value minded anglers




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